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Alun C. Jackson, Ph.D.

Alun C. Jackson, Ph.D., is Professor and Director of the Problem Gambling Treatment Research Centre at the University of Melbourne, a Professorial Fellow of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, an Honorary Professor of Peking University, and an Honorary Research Fellow of the Centre on Behavioural Health at the University of Hong Kong.

Prof Alun C JacksonProfessor Jackson’s previous positions include: Chair of Social Work at the University of Melbourne from 1997 to 2007; Chairman of the Centre for Migrant and Intercultural Studies at Monash University; and Director of the HIV/AIDS Socio-behavioural Research Unit at the University of Melbourne. He is the President of Drummond Street Services, a not-for-profit family mental health service. Professor Jackson has been involved in the design and direction of many large scale gambling research projects, including a study on family violence and problem gambling; a study of risk factors for the children of problem gamblers; an evaluation of the Victorian Gambler’s Help service; an assessment of the health and mental health effects of gambling on women; an analysis of best practice in treatments; a study of the impact of gambling on children and adolescents; a review of prevalence measures; and the design of gambling counselor practice standards. Professor Jackson is a member of a number of Victorian Responsible Gambling Ministerial Advisory Council Working Groups and a member of the Victorian Independent Gambling Peer Review Panel.

Professor Jackson has designed or co-designed the Problem Gambling Significant Other Impact Scale (PG-SOIS) (2009); One Item Problem Gambling Screening Tool for Primary Care Settings (2007); Problem Gambling Family Impact Measure (problem gambler version) (PG-FaIM-PG) (2003; revised 2009); Problem Gambling Family Impact Measure (family member version) (PG-FaIM-F) (2003; revised 2009); the Counselor Task Analysis (Problem Gambling) (CTA-PG) Tool (2003); the Craniopharyngioma Symptom and Treatment Impact Scale (2003); and the Paediatric Discharge Planning Screening Tool (2003).

He undertakes reviews of gambling research for a variety of organizations, including: The National Health and Medical Research Council and the Australian Research Council; the Hong Kong Research Council; the Health Research Council of New Zealand; and the Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre.

Contact Information:
Tel: +61 3 8344 8530

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