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Dr. Zhidong Hao

Zhidong HaoDr. Zhidong Hao, APAGS Chief Supervisor, is Professor of Sociology at the University of Macau. One of his major research interests is responsible gaming from the perspective of corporate social responsibility. He has written several papers on Macau’s gaming industry, including “從企業社會責任的視角看負責任博彩:以澳門爲例” (Responsible gaming from the perspective of corporate social responsibility: the case of Macau),《中國社會科學內部文稿》(Chinese social sciences: restricted version) (2010) 第5期, which was also published with open access in the Journal of Macau Studies 《澳門研究》, No. 1, 2011, pp. 114-130; “澳門博彩和非博彩行業青年員工的幸福指數對比研究” (A study of the happiness index of youths in the gaming and non-gaming industries) with Zhonglu Zeng, 澳門特區政府教育暨青年局, 2011, see澳門青年研究網,; “Dependent development? Macao’s gaming industry: its problems and prospects,” 《澳門研究》雜志 (Journal of Macau studies), No. 51, April 2009, pp. 64-77; “Macau’s Economy: A Re-Evaluation of Its Past, Present and Future,” 《澳門研究》雜志 (Journal of Macau studies), No. 37, December 2006, pp. 72-86. He is also the author of Macau: History and Society (2011); Whither Taiwan and Mainland China: National Identity, the State, and Intellectuals (2010); Toward Democratization and Harmony: Difficulties in Social Progress in Macao, Taiwan, and Mainland China (2008); and Intellectuals at a Crossroads: The Changing Politics of China’s Knowledge Workers (2003); co-author of Xijiao Village: The Historical Transformation of a Rural Community in Northern China (in Chinese, 2009); editor of National Identity and the Future of Cross Strait Relations (in Chinese, 2008);and co-editor of A Comparative Study of Village and Township Governance across the Taiwan Strait (in Chinese, 2008), among other publications. For more information, see also

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